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Support Us


Please excuse our appearance while we continue perfecting the tools to allow you to support us.

In the meantime, here are some ways you can help:


We have several charity tins dotted around many different shops and businesses throughout Berwickshire. Due to lockdown restrictions, sometimes we’ve had to move them. Please contact us for the locations our charity tins are currently based. 

If you wish to make a bank transfer, please contact us here for our account details.

All donations are always very welcome and thoroughly appreciated. 


Just like so many of us, the lockdown has made us experts at virtual meetings and webinars.


Once lockdown is over we hope to welcome you to attend our events, workshops, activities and seminars. Allowing the chance to meet like-minded people and families as well as the chance to engage with key professionals and agencies.

Sign up for our newsletter at the foot of this page for more information of our activities.

Get Involved

Get in touch via our contact form here to find out more about our charity or if you have any questions about how you can get involved. 

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