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Meeting of Minds - Who We Are, and What We Do

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

In 2016 one very fed up parent who was struggling with support for her ASN son approached her local councillor.

I had been developing an idea to create a group that would enable a better future for my son and all families who live with additional and complex needs. A group that could help each other by providing support during what can be a very isolating and scary time.

Fortunately, that councillor was John Greenwell who was more than happy to help connect parents with their local authority and other important professionals in the area.

It was from here, Meetings of Minds was formed.

About Us

Meetings of Minds has grown into a charity that people can trust. Our group has grown in confidence and started to form relationships not only locally but also nationally.

We know our families and live very similar experiences. Our hard work has led the charity to be known as trustworthy, loyal and fair. We always try to work alongside others and build lasting positive relationships.

Meeting of Minds is continually growing and to this day we have over 170 members who receive support when needed.

What We Do

The charity is run voluntarily by parents who themselves are raising a child, or children, with additional and complex needs. As well as giving peer support to our parents and carers we also provide the children with activities and opportunities throughout the year.

Sadly many local clubs and organisations are not able to fully support all additional needs due to a lack of staffing or finances. Meeting of Minds team up with our local clubs, organisations and work together to create that opportunity for the child. We can bring the experience and knowledge of a wide range of additional needs. The local club or organisation that are interested in supporting the group, provide their knowledge of the activity.

This allows us all to learn and create great opportunities - TOGETHER.

The Meeting of Minds Code

There is always someone in the charity who will have experienced what you are going through. There is always someone here to listen and offer advice and support.

We created the group for a reason and that is to support you.

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