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Autumn Insights

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Well, as always life is pretty mental for us all at Meeting of Minds. The committee is made up of parents who are all raising their own children who have complex/additional needs.

So, with that, like you, we get stressed, low in mood, manic, tired and have days when we need to recharge.

This little voluntary led charity has now 190 members, 5 fully booked events before 2022, worked on 192 enquires since April this year, held down day jobs, kept their own families together, survived Covid and continue to support/grieve our wonderful Ellice.

We have been very lucky recently to receive some local donations which will allow the charity to continue to thrive. Thanks to The Co-op, Kelso, KD Fit, Borders Youth Theatre to name a few. We are also excited to be involved with The Hirsel Estate, Christmas Market.

We continue to work as joint partners in The Borders Parent/Carer ASN Forum. This December will see our third regional meet up. I must say, it is very humbling to meet so many parents/carers and to hear their stories. The forum allows parents from Borders wide to come together.

As we approach our last events of 2021, we are very proud of our charity that functions through shared lived experience, humour, alcohol, antidepressants, hugs and love.

2022, will see many exciting events and changes for the charity. Watch this space....

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